Intelligently prioritize the water meter replacement process and increase the performance of the financial return and reduction of water losses.

We believe that water is the most valuable asset of humanity and a fair and conscious consumption will allow future generation to have access to it...

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  • Priorização

    Prioritization of Expected Return or Payback

    Water Meter Ranking with scoring for expected return or payback according to planned investment

  • Geolocalização

    Geo Intelligence

    Geolocation of prioritized water meters to support route planning. Heatmap of regions, locations and sectors for analysis of areas based on inefficency and payback potential

  • Análise

    Equipment Yield Analysis and Degradation by Location

    Yield analysis and degradation curves by region/locality entities.

  • Replacement Results Monitoring

    Individual analysis of substitutions and monitoring of results after substitutions.

  • Expected Returns Projection

    Visualize financial impact on billing based on replacement of water meter suggestion list.



...SCORA ACQUA was concieved to support our visionfor a more conscious world by reducing water losses.


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